Wax Melts, What?

As many of you are shopping online, and purchasing sample sets, you may be new to wax melts (sometimes called wax tarts).  This post is for you!  
Wax melts offer all the amazing fragrance from our line, in a slightly different format.  Their smaller size makes it easy to hoard many more scent options; to match your mood, the weather, or any other whim that strikes you.  
There are three warmer options on the market: wax or oil warmers that use tealights as the heat source, and two types of electric warmers: those with an electric heating element, and those that use lightbulbs to provide the heat.
Our starter kits feature tealight warmers, which while not flameless, are a great introduction to melts.  You just place one star in the bowl of the warmer, light a tealight, and enjoy four or so hours of fragrance (based on how long your tealight lasts).  Because each star can provide much more fragrance than that, you can swap out tealights as needed, or let the wax cool and start with a new tealight when you're ready.  The tealight warmers offer plenty of flickering ambiance from the tealights.  These bowls tend to be smaller than most electric warmers, and max out with 1-2 of our melts.  In our experience, one melt is plenty for most average sized rooms, but if you are in a large open space, or prefer a strong fragrance, you might like to use two melts at a time.  If you're in a small space, or are sensitive to strong scents, you might consider using half a melt, or only melting it for a short while before blowing out the tealight to relight another time.
For a fully flame free option, electric warmers are the best choice (great for college students, renters who are not allowed to burn candles due to lease agreements, and people with curious or rambunctious kids or pets who are nervous about having an open flame in their home).  There are countless options and styles of electric warmers on the market that you can choose from.  Our favorites rely on an electric heating element vs a lightbulb to heat the wax melts, as you get a much better scent throw and don't have to worry about replacing bulbs.  Some of these electric warmers serve other purposes too - as a coaster to keep your tea/coffee cup warm, and as wickless candle warmers (wickless candles look like a candle without a wick, and perform like wax melts).
There are smaller, wall/plug in warmers on the market as well, but we find those a bit more difficult to use, especially for outlets located in hallways or other pass through areas where they can easily be bumped, spilling the wax.  If you have an unused out of the way plug on a kitchen or bathroom counter, they may be something you're interested in.
Whichever option you choose, wax melts are a great choice for infusing your home in fragrance.
Once you notice the fragrance has faded, you have two options to clean out your melter:
1. pour the wax out while warm and wipe out the bowl with a cotton ball or paper towel.
2. allow the wax to cool and harden, then place the melter (the whole ceramic warmer, or the smaller removable bowl of the electric warmer) in the freezer for 10 minutes or so, and the wax should pop out in a disk.
Since it's plant based, soy wax is biodegradable, but it may be a tough sell for the microbes living in your home compost bin.
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