About Us

At Wood Witch, we are passionate about sustainability.  Living in a magical little forest cottage in West Sonoma County, being intimately surrounded by nature, it's easy to see and understand the importance of loving and protecting our planet, and the delicate ecosystems she supports.

While making luxury items isn't the most sustainable business plan in the world, our goal is to balance a joyful life filled with the things that we love with as small an impact on the planet as we can manage.   We thoroughly research all of the materials we use to create, package, and ship our products because we want the things we put out into the world to be as safe and sustainable as possible.

This is a continuum, not a terminus point however, and we are constantly learning and evolving as technologies and our suppliers do.  If you have any recommendations for more sustainable approaches we might consider, drop us a line - we will always strive to do better.

Indie Business
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